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Invention is the cause of disasters

Man invented many things, but unfortunately these inventions are creating problem for human survival. For example depletion of ozone layer is because of pollution and effluents like CFC. In the similar way pollution from vehicles. Now the problem is with whom? is it due to over usage of technology or due to man invention?
Invention and technology doesn't mean that highly engineered techniques, it can be a simple plastic which is harming population and also it may be a small cell phone which is now effecting human brains due to radiation. I am not saying that we should not have technologies, but what is the limit and how we are misusing it.


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  • Nov 22 2012: You really have to rethink your question.

    You can't say pollution is caused due to over usage of technology or due to man invention, because the technology is made by human invention. So you can’t pick one. You can however, state that the usage of technology is creating pollution, which affects the ozone layer.

    Also, name the disasters that happened due to technology/ inventions. That’s right, no real disaster, to our knowledge, has happened yet due to our technologies/ inventions.
    So the same technologies are trying to prevent these (upcoming) disasters. So inventions are made to prevent these upcoming disasters and hopefully discover new potential disasters.
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      Nov 30 2012: Yes sir I agree with your suggestions, I cannot say it as disaster, but its creating harm to human mankind. Yes there are technologies to prevent disasters. My question is continuous usage of technology is creating some harm to man. Suppose, man has invented cellphones to communicate, but no one bothers about the radiation which is effecting them. Like wise there are many drawbacks on which I am focusing

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