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Invention is the cause of disasters

Man invented many things, but unfortunately these inventions are creating problem for human survival. For example depletion of ozone layer is because of pollution and effluents like CFC. In the similar way pollution from vehicles. Now the problem is with whom? is it due to over usage of technology or due to man invention?
Invention and technology doesn't mean that highly engineered techniques, it can be a simple plastic which is harming population and also it may be a small cell phone which is now effecting human brains due to radiation. I am not saying that we should not have technologies, but what is the limit and how we are misusing it.


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    Nov 21 2012: The problems are caused by $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
    • Nov 21 2012: mo' money mo' problems
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        Nov 22 2012: Mr. Baggerman: It is time for you to read the terms of service. Your comment was inappropriate.
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        Nov 22 2012: Max, I think that TED Lover added significantly to the debate. If you are unable to understand, that's OK, but please don't project your own inadequacies on others. It's abusive, and abuse is always counter-productive.
        • Nov 22 2012: Grace, as you can see, my comment has been removed according to the terms of use.
          Anyway, after reading these terms of use, I noticed rule 4, stating that they will remove:

          • disrespectful, distasteful, unconstructive, or illegal content.

          I must admit that I was a little annoyed by this comment and that you could notice that through my comment. So it was probably removed because it was disrespectful.

          The reason why I got annoyed probably has something to do with the unconstructive comment by TED Lover. If he thinks the problem is money, then please explain why. According to the terms of use, his comment is just as inappropriate.

          I’m really curious why you think TED Lover’s comment is adding something significant. What I didn’t understand. And what my inadequacies are.

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