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Is solving the world energy problems at $10 per Mwh a moral issue?

If you know you will destroy governments reliant on fossil fuels for funding, cause the failure of nations, destroy most pension systems due to their reliance on carbon investments, cause deflationary pressure on every nation worldwide, and cause people to lose their life savings.

Would you release the technology to do $10-$20 per Mwh energy?
Is it morally right with the damage it will do?

>>>> Reply to all. This issue is closed. The next issue is a question as to if this is actually a device that can do sub $20 per Mwh energy.


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  • Nov 24 2012: I don't think the problems you described would occur with cheaper energy. Cheap energy would free up more resources for other endeavors, which would make up for any industries that were hurt.

    More to the point: It is better to do things responsibly and efficiently. If doing so hurts the viability of a less efficient or responsible method, then so be it..
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      Nov 26 2012: Thank you I came to the same conclusion.

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