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Why do so many people love letters?

I'm thinking of some reasons: (1) it's personal in many ways; (2) it's a physical object that we can interact with all senses; (3) letter involves a lot of human interaction, where email is considered mostly in machine world.

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    Nov 21 2012: We all like and love our childhood memories and letter is one such thing that make us feel the same, secondly their is an enjoyment(can be in +ve or -ve sense) in waiting to recieve the letter and joy after recieving the letter, since you are waiting for it from a long time that increases its value.
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      Nov 22 2012: That's an interesting point. The enjoyment of waiting for something good coming has its own taste. It's not like email, where if I say that I've just sent to you an email, well, you already got it.

      There are stories of lost letters that coming to its destination after years and years. There must be some excitement of the receivers as well.

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