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What is your Political position, Your Religious Position and..

I'm conducting a study out of my own personal interest to see if there really is a general consensus among TED viewers/users, also for entertainment purposes that all TED viewers can see for themselves within this section.

So for that reason, I have 3 simple questions
(With additional sections if you wish to explain to the rest of TED why you hold the position you have).
Feel free to be as descriptive and/or original and/or Combinative with your answers as you see fit.

Q1. How would you personally describe your political position?
(eg/ Left leaning Indendent, Grass roots Libertarian..)
Q1b. What is the Central reason for holding this position?

Q2. How would you personally describe your Position on Religion?
(eg/ Devout Catholic, Militant Atheist, Buddhist..)
Q2b. What is the central reason for why you hold this position?

Q3. What would you consider to be the best Economic Position for your Country?
(eg/ Capitalist, Socialist, Anarchist..)
Q3b. Why do you feel that this Position (or combination) is the most successful to your country?


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  • Nov 20 2012: 1. Common Sense 2. moderate Methodist 3. Common Sense The others have manipulative agendas

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