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How does the digital divide reflect the democratic process within a country?

I'm currently conducting a research project on how the internet is related to the key components of democracy, mainly focused on the issue of accessibility of information in the homeless population. I'm hoping for any feedback on the importance of accessibility of information in a democratic society.

If you would like to read a little more on my research project, please feel free to visit my blog at Any feedback, even if it's critical, it would be extremely helpful for my project.

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    Nov 20 2012: One of the biggest problems is that information on the Internet is notoriously unreliable. Even so called "news shows" on cable are often entertainment masquerading as news, and that's true on both sides. On top of that, you can generally find whatever information you want to find. With unlimited amounts of anonymous money now allowed in politics in the United States, to fund the content people see on the Internet, it's become very hard to trust anything you see on the Internet.

    Having been homeless myself once, I think the larger problem is that you have so many bigger problems to worry about, voting seems rather irrelevant. Abraham Maslov's hierarchy of needs would probably place voting in the rarefied air at the top of the pyramid, after taking care of food, shelter, and so on.
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    Nov 26 2012: Since I agree with "Danger Lampost" in regards to Maslows Heirarchy of Needs.
    Here's an interesting idea. Why not try to find those homeless people that are intelligent and just being completely stubborn and or irrational but, capable of finding adequate alternative basic services outside of convention. I would like to see what they do with the internet and within society though they are for the most part outside of the economic system entirely. It would be great to read more about this if anyone has done it already. Of course without basic services provided to truly homeless and incapable people, why would they ever think to participate in a democracy ?
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    Nov 21 2012: The internet gives opportunities for press freedom and freedom of expression in democratic nations; poor citizens are not very influential online because they do not control most of the pages, in fact, most of them do not have internet access.
    The influential online voices are still of the rich and elite.

    So, having the platform is one thing; being a voice that matters in the multitude is another.
  • Nov 20 2012: Lots of things affect the homeless population