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Is world peace possible?

Is a global love and respect of humanity itself possible? What are the impediments (if any) to achieve world peace? What is your definition of global peace?

Is it simply the abstention from violence and infliction of pain, or is it something greater -- a cause to empower all human beings by way of love? I'd love to hear some thoughts on this since I know TED fosters love within its community! List your solutions to end whatever global issues there may be, and don't worry about specifics!

Closing Statement from Max de Hoyos

I've considered this point for quite some time and have come to the conclusion that there is no truth but your own. What you focus on, you will feel and manifest--not only in your life, but the lives of others as well. I highly suggest we all look at the Tony Robbins video on why we do what we do, I feel like that has allowed me to shift my beliefs on what evil is and what the best way to combat it is.

Empowering beliefs are the way to create world peace. We must make it so that loving actions are the way which we receive pleasure, and causing pain to others creates pain in ourselves. We don't need to look anywhere to find these solutions--they are deeply rooted within our nature. Giving feels good, causing pain doesn't -- the reason anything to the contrary of this statement exists is because people overlook the effects of their actions, because they have learned to do so.

In closing, I'm grateful we had such intelligent people comment on this conversation, and I'm proud to be a member of this community! Much love to all.

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    Gail .

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    Nov 20 2012: Yes, I think that world peace is possible, and something very close to world peace will emerge in my lifetime. The movement is already afloat, but it is still a minority.

    Those who live in a fear-based world live in a violence-based world. They also live in a scarcity-based world. A scarcity worldview will not produce peace, whereas an abundance worldview enables it.

    What is an abundance worldview? There are many around the globe who have discovered that we are POWERFUL creatures. We have learned how to manifest our desires directly into our realities. This includes peace. When I am at peace, I know that I am safe. I do not fear hunger either, nor thirst, nor poverty.

    We create our realities according to our beliefs. This makes us god-like creatures.

    If you believe that you are powerless and vulnerable, you will create realities that reflect that belief. What you focus on becomes. If you believe that you are powerful and invulnerable to others, you will create realities that reflect that belief. Reality is a reflection of beliefs, not a concrete truth.

    I grew up reading about Aladin's Lamp, where wishes were granted. I have discovered that the wishes are not limited. Whatever I desire, I can make manifest by following a few simple rules. But if I call my power "evil", or if I do not know that I am a powerful creature, I will manifest that which I don't want.

    I believe that when people like me reach a tipping point, and more and more discover the joy of being creators and co-creators, that war will end, because those who know their own power are not victimized by it.

    War creates war. War cannot create peace any more than a tree can give birth to a chicken.

    People need to know WHAT humans are. Studies into the unified/quantum/morphic/energy field that appears to exist as the consciousness of which we are all a part are telling us some very exciting thing.

    Can't get there 4 as long as religion & $$$ terrify the sheeple.
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      Nov 20 2012: TED Lover,
      I agree that we create our own reality....what we focus on expands:>)

      You write..."If you believe that you are powerless and vulnerable, you will create realities that reflect that belief. What you focus on becomes. If you believe that you are powerful and invulnerable to others, you will create realities that reflect that belief. Reality is a reflection of beliefs, not a concrete truth."

      What happens when we perceive ourselves as both powerful AND vulnerable? I think/feel that you touched on this idea with your statement..."I believe that when people... discover the joy of being creators and co-creators, that war will end, because those who know their own power are not victimized by it."

      Realizing that we are creators and co-creators feels like powerful vulnerability to me....yes?

      Reminds me of a TED talk.....
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    Nov 20 2012: Hello Max,
    I absolutely believe that world peace is possible, and I also know that the last time I checked, I do not have much influence with global political or religious leaders, so I can only create peace in the tiny part of the world that I occupy, and perhaps I can contribute peace and harmony with those I interact with on a daily basis. If we do not believe it is possible, that is the reality we create in, and for ourselves.

    I agree with TED Lover (again!), that fear is an impediment to achieving world peace. Fear manifests as a sense of scarcity, which manifests into greed, which creates abuse and violence against others. We do indeed create our reality, and as individuals, it is up to us to decide how we live our lives in each and every moment. Anything is possible and it all starts with a my humble opinion.
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    Nov 20 2012: I believe that world peace is impossible; this is based on the simple facts of human nature and also the reality of our economic structure, both of which sadly support selfishness and greed, and in the end perpetuate inequality and disagreements which lead to an un-peaceful world.
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      Nov 20 2012: I agree with you Zman, that selfishness, greed, inequality and disagreements may support the idea of world peace being impossible.

      Human nature, however, also offers respect, compassion, empathy, goodness and love. Do you think/feel that as thinking, feeling, intelligent, insightful humans, we may have choices regarding what aspects of "human nature" we choose?
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        Nov 20 2012: I think that "respect, compassion, empathy, goodness and love" are things that are applied to people when they feel they have an incentive to do it or when they can spare it; otherwise people don’t necessarily give others any of the above. One of the purposes of government is to give people a reason to be good, and not harm or affect others negatively. Selfish behavior overcomes normal behavior, and all you need is a handful of selfish people to shift the balance.
        • Nov 20 2012: Zman, I think you are right, to a point but also somewhat negative. Over time this world has become a lot better than it was ages ago. Tolerance of others and protection of the individual is much more present. In many places we can now walk around at night, even as a woman. We can disagree with someone without being shot.

          Just as we will never be perfect, I do not expect this world to ever be perfect.
          I do believe we are here for a purpose and that purpose is not this world. This is the gym or seedbed of heaven and gyms will always smell :)

          In this world, both heaven and hell are present or represented. It is that situation which gives us our freewill and thus choices.
          I'd like to think there are people who make the right choices and become angels before they die. They have reached the stage of loving goodness for the sake of goodness, not for the sake of gain or prestige or anything else selfish.
          The more 'Mother Teresa's there are, the better world this will be.
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          Nov 20 2012: Zman,
          I do not agree Zman that it is the purpose of government to give people a reason to be good. The government is elected by us, and are working for us. We have the ability to guide our government. I think/feel that it is important to have the qualities we speak of in ourselves, and I personally, do not depend on the government or anyone else to provide that for me. It is simply enjoyable to be respectful, compassionate and loving:>)

          Maybe YOUR gym smells Adriaan....mine smells pretty good:>)
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    Nov 20 2012: I think this comes down to a discussion of the existence of Evil. Why does evil exist, and what is evil in the first place? I believe evil people will always exist, so whirled peas will not be possible.
  • Nov 20 2012: We can do a much better job.
  • Nov 20 2012: IMO:

    As a first goal, I would define global peace as the global absence of organized violence. When we reach that point, we will have a great achievement to celebrate. Reaching that goal will require huge advances in defining and achieving justice. Developing consensus on justice, and practical processes for reaching just outcomes, is the bulk of the work.
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    Nov 20 2012: Yes.
    (1) World peace is possible if we quit INALID happiness.
    (2) My definition of world peace is global human SYMBIOSIS. Or, it is love.

    (For INVALID HAPPINESS, see the 1st article, points 1.1-3, at
    (For SYMBIOSIS, see the 1st article, points 1.5-8, at