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Is the conservative movement at a point of historic realignment that will dump or marginalize the Republican Party?

My contention, which I put forth at my blog (truth-2-power.com) is that elitist America, from the Federalists to the Whigs to the Republicans goes through cycles that align with swings in their political power that create the kind of pro-wealth policies that lead to overheating one or more sectors of the economy, its ultimate melt-down, and re-assumption of control by the populists of whatever monicker that the day calls them.

Well before the mainstream media got there, I have documented the sources who fund major political movements in the GOP, and the very un-Civil War inside the party.

The problem for the GOP is that both factions are extremist. The Necons represent the military-industrial sub-class of American fascism and the Libertarian/Koch/Norquist faction are the Taft "robber-baron" fascists straight out of the 19th century, or, as we refer to them, the "Dead Billionaires Club".

The moderates are purged in the primaries. Sen. Dick Lugar (R-In) is the latest example. They do this even when it undermines the mainstream connections to the electorate.

Historically this is with precedent. Hard-liners in the GOP will rationalize 2010 and their true belief in the message and not move much. Which leaves everyone from Chris Christie to purgees like Charlie Crist looking at 32-35% of the electorate that is fiscally conservative but not socially so, and thinking there is a win in disavowing the power structures of the GOP.

They won't go quietly into the night, ergo a high likelihood that a new conservative party will emerge and send the extremist GOP into the history books.


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    Nov 19 2012: Will the country exist? Unless you've taken a recent course in Sarte and Camus and decided that nothing is real, yes.
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      Nov 19 2012: Don't know what that is. But with the debt I wonder why it is you are certain the country will be here?
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        Nov 19 2012: Let's not go nuts worrying over the debt. As a percentage of the Gross National Product, the debt is not as high today as it was after World War II.
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          Nov 20 2012: Well here is a little fun fact, the debt service on just the 16 trillion current debt is 250 billion per year at roughly 1.5% interest if that goes to the historical normal of 5% just the debt service will be 750 billion per year.

          The current revenue is around 2.5 trillion. So 30% of the revenue will go to current debt.

          Not to mention that they spend another 1.5 trillion above that with more borrowed money

          Not to mention that the unfunded liabilities are in excess of 100 trillion dollars.

          If I'm nuts tell me how otherwise if the shoe fits...
        • Nov 26 2012: The WW 2 was closely followed by practically full employment, an era when the US was mining and drilling and milling and manufacturing for itself, like we in the UK used to do.
          Along come Thatcher and "Reaganomics" and we decide to make huge swathes of our own people redundant in favour of cheaper imports. Colombian coal shipped to British power-plants, for example. Coal mined by children as young as 5. How the hell can a developed nation's workforce compete with child slavery? A question I've been asking since the 80s : We export all our jobs to China, China exports all its unemployment to us; THEN WHAT ?
          Our problem in the 1st world is, we don't know what the hell we want, but we know we want it cheap! Dozens of Chinese workers have commited suicide in the plant that churns out funky gadgets for Apple because of the concentration-camp conditions. Why not have a factory in the US making the damned things? OK, an iPad / Pod / Phone would cost a few more bucks. Big deal ! It would've created thousands of badly needed jobs !
          Protectionist ? OK, if you like to call it that, better that than entire (formerly industrial) cities full of (formerly industrious) people with nothing to do but seek refuge in drug or alchohol induced oblivion.
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          Nov 30 2012: According to OMB published figures the 1950 % was 92.7 and the 2010 % was 93.4

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