Ramon de Paula Marques

Java web developer, Comunication Agency of Goiania

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TED Talks in most countries!

TED Talks is really a good way to spread ideas, the problem is that TED Talks only around a few countries are not spreading enough. There should be more of those opportunities in every country, then we could listen to good ideas from different places, from different languages.

Let's get the best of the idea to share known with volunteers translators, let's make it even greater...

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    Mar 26 2011: TEDx is very good, but I was talking about something much bigger, frequent events in all countries, led by professionals to guide these presentations.

    Since TEDx is an independent event, depends largely on the willingness of someone to create all the environment to accomplish the meeting

    (muito prazer te encontrar aqui Moema, seu nome é bastante curioso hehe nunca imaginaria que fosse brasileira, muito obrigado pela informação do evento em goiânia eu provavelmente não saberia a tempo se não fosse por você =) )
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    Mar 26 2011: Hi Ramon, there are TEDx events in different parts of the world. These are independently organized TED events (http://www.ted.com/tedx).

    Apparently there´s one coming up in Goiânia, check it out:

    (meu nome é esquisito mas sou brasileira, fique à vontade de me escrever em português se quiser!)