Reza Ghiabi

Chairman of the Board, VIRA Group


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Describe your "engagement moment" as an employee.

Engagement moment is the moment when you are influenced deeply in posetive or negative way by your employer.
What happened?
Which part was joyful?
Which part was hurtful?
Describe your moments of engagement as an employee.

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    Nov 19 2012: Pretty positive when it's payday. Only reason I work for someone else
  • Steve C

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    Nov 25 2012: First & foremost example that comes to mind, was when we were all told that if we thought that one of the products did not meet our own standards, we could trash it and have one remade. It made me proud that my opinion mattered.
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    Nov 21 2012: I worked with a director (Amanda Lane) on a TV series called 'Jacob's Cross'. She was inspiring and understanding, and I was able to play the role excellently well because of her warmth and insight.
    Some directors have what it takes to bring out a peculiar star quality in an actor.