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How can we help companies hire more people over the age of 50?

Age discrimination, while illegal, is very much practiced in the United States. Companies appear to believe that younger workers are more productive because they use technology more effectively. I believe that a person's age does not determine whether or not they are technologically literate. Among all age groups, there are early adopters of technology and there are people who are averse to technology. We need to help corporations harness the experience of older workers while still encouraging all workers to become more technologically literate.


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    Nov 22 2012: My question wasn't specifically about me because I am self-employed, but I know that there are a lot of older workers that cannot find jobs because companies have a predisposition against hiring older workers. One reason is because of health concerns and the cost of insurance, as insurance companies charge more for employees over the age of 40 and even more for women over the age of 40, although men get cancer and other expensive diseases at nearly three times the rate of women. One reason that has been cited for charging more for women than men is maternity, which is pretty rare in women over 40, so I'm not sure why that is cited. Anyway, just questions to consider if one is interested in creating a more just and equitable society.
    • Nov 22 2012: Women take sick leave significantly more often than men, whether they're of child bearing age or not, there's also the issue of older women being less well educated than older men (and older people being less educated, or having outdated skills, than young people) because they grew up in a different time. Like I said below, I suspect most of this "age discrimination" has to do with benefits (and in the US health care costs) reserved for older employees and outdated skill sets among older people.

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