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Should we issue $50-$100/month of script to every American adult that can be used for purchase of basic food stuffs?

One of the most radical ideas ever offered was one by arch conservative William F. Buckley Jr. some 30-40 years ago. He suggested we should make available, I think, four basic food groups free of charge. A useful payment method would be with script---it would be illegal to sell or barter script. Supermarkets would collect script but issue no change so shoppers would have to be savvy to get "the most bang for the buck".

Every adult would be provided with $50-$100 worth of script/month with additional amounts for each child.

Here are the food groups I recommend: 1)Brown rice, 2)Beans (together with rice they form a perfect protein), 3)flour, 4)some kind of vegetable oil, 5)powdered milk and 6)maybe some kind of tomato products. There would be courses on how to prepare delicious wholesome meals with these ingredients.

We would subsidize farmers growing these foods and pay for them with a graduated consumption tax (excluding primary residence) for all items costing over $100. Mergers and acquistions might be taxed at 0.1% and derivatives taxed at 0.1%.

Under this system no one would starve.