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Single People Showers

We have all heard of baby showers, wedding showers, the new trendy divorce showers. What about the happily single, childless people out there? We make it through our teens and twenties without accidentally getting preggo, hitched by Elvis in Vegas, or divorced the next day! There needs to be some sort of celebration. What people do not realize is that, male or female, this often is a choice, not a misfortune. Hey, the lifestyle of the single and childless is not easy. P.S. I'm registered at Zappos.


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    Nov 19 2012: Dear Catherine,
    We ALL have the ability and opportunity to create celebratory "showers" in each and every moment of our lives...whether we are single or in relationship with someone. I was married for 24 years because I made that choice, and now I have been single for 22 years because I make that choice as well!

    Whatever our relationship experience in each moment of this life, here's a reminder to enjoy and create our own "showers":>)


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