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Single People Showers

We have all heard of baby showers, wedding showers, the new trendy divorce showers. What about the happily single, childless people out there? We make it through our teens and twenties without accidentally getting preggo, hitched by Elvis in Vegas, or divorced the next day! There needs to be some sort of celebration. What people do not realize is that, male or female, this often is a choice, not a misfortune. Hey, the lifestyle of the single and childless is not easy. P.S. I'm registered at Zappos.


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  • Nov 19 2012: Sounds like a good idea. How many showers would be appropriate----say one at 21, another at 30, another at......? Just joking.

    Actually, single people are faced with sorting life situations just as are couples. Expenses might be less with no family, but hey, one can share with others that have misfortune.

    Another feature you hint about is psychological readiness. Divorce rates are astronomical! I think many people are not ready for marriage and big problems result. A soundly raised child who desires goodness, happiness, satisfying relationships and who successfully sorts what is good and satisfying, will likely make a good marriage partner and would less likely fail, although life challenges could be great ones.

    Why not stay single until feeling ready for a deeper relationship? Why jump in the sack and be reckless and put oneself in a financial and relationship squeeze that results in much unhappiness? Taking time to gain a bit of wisdom before bringing children into the world will make for a better parent.

    Stay single until ready and that readiness just might include the right person who would understand and like and even love. Such a relationship could be a great partnership for handling life easier and with certain joy of knowing you are profoundly wanted in that person's life and profoundly loved, even though there will be a few mistakes.

    It might not be a shower, but a kindly offered party celebration of goodness in a person could make for a really nice gathering.

    Food for thought?

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