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Require drug testing to receive welfare benefits

The purpose of welfare benefits is to help people who are down on their luck and in the process of searching for a new line of work. Providing money to individuals who are addicted to drugs is not a worthy cause. Welfare is supposed to be temporary and should only help those who are going to be able to one day secure another job/career in my opinion. States such as Texas are proposing legislation to have more strict over sight to make sure the money does not fall into the wrong hands.


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    Nov 20 2012: Why stop at drug use?
    How about gang members? If you or a member of your family is a gang member you can't receive welfare.
    Let's stop pedophiles from getting welfare. I'd like to see them starve.
    No convicted murderers receiving welfare.
    Child beaters, nope you don't get any.
    If they live in a state that has banned gay unions, gays don't get welfare.
    You don't go to church, no welfare.
    Foreigners can't get welfare because they're not from here.
    If you're fat you could use to lose a few pounds, come back when you're thinner.
    Tattoos, you must be irresponsible, tough luck and good bye.
    You look like an illegal alien, go away.
    You're not American/Texan/Whatever enough. You have to take and sign an Oath of Loyalty before you can get welfare.
    You're going to die anyway, why waste taxpayers money on you?

    You propose a slippery slope that can justify even the most trivial reason for denying welfare to anyone.
    I can not support this.

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