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Using popular games to encourage people to become more active.

With technology advancing at a rapid rate, it’s no wonder that more and more people are spending time in front of some screen or another. What will encourage people to become active again?

One way would be to make actual events similar to popular games. Zombies have been extremely popular the last few years and one perfect example I’ve recently seen is Run For Your Lives 5K ( In this 5K they recruit both zombies and those who will be running from them. Now I’ve yet to ever participate in any type of marathon event, but this really caught my interest.

It has me thinking about what other fads would possibly encourage people to get out of the virtual world, and how we can bring that those scenarios to life?
If gaming companies would be willing to sponsor more active events I believe this would increase their popularity.

  • Nov 25 2012: Not bad, it'll scratch the surface. Systems such as Wii will help.
    Better nutrition (fewer preservatives) would help a lot more.
    Put less stress on winning, and more on fun & cooperation. Invite the whole family, including the dog, (not for the zombie run, but for a regular long-distance obstacle-course, mud run, or way-finding race).
    For races, add sound-effects [level-up] & diversions that include other fun activities, prizes, "bonus-time," or maybe a silver coin!
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    Nov 25 2012: I honestly think that an event like the zombie run would only have a short-term effect on individuals, if it has an effect at all. Most people are lazy, and that comes from lack of discipline. The only way to seriously get people to become more active is through education and training.
    First, why should I be active? Why shouldn't I stay home all day and play video games? This has to be taught to children in school from a young age.
    Second, once I recognize the importance of being active, how do I discipline myself to exercise consistently? This is the much harder question. The answer to this is different for every person. For most people, there is an internal battle to convince oneself to get up and exercise when they don't want to. But the one way that I think that people would actually exercise consistently is if they're trained to do so from a young age.

    So to conclude, I think that your ideas are awesome and they should should still be acted upon. But will any of these inspiring events make any real change? Unfortunately, no.
  • Nov 20 2012: I recently participated in a zombie run and I think that's a great example for your idea. People feed off of the new fads or the great new popular thing. There are many companies who could use that to encourage people to get active. If people won't do it for themselves maybe the right influence could do the trick.