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Is it time to reject the phrase, "Be fruitful and multiply"?

Early civilizations discovered that it was useful to have many children because they could work the fields and help adults in old age. Due to the high mortality rate it was necessary and desirable to have lots of children in case some died.

Only in the developed world has there been a need to be, "Fruitful and multiply" because there we see declining birth rates compared to the aged.

It was a travesty, in my opinion, for the Pope to congratulate African women who had 13 or more babies (This was several years ago). Should Catholics oppose the Pope when it comes to overpopulation?

In an overcrowded world we now see, the edict be fruitful and mulitply makes no sense at all.


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  • Nov 20 2012: I agree, I think that a lot of people have kids with out thinking about the long term affects. If you live paycheck to paycheck you should not have 4 kids bc the odds of them being successful is slim. You cant possibly afford to give that child 100% when the load is split 4 ways. Somebody is gonna miss out on something at some point. I think we have a crisis in America that is being ignored when it comes to hunger in America. 1 out 9 kids go hungry each day, the ever growing number of homeless kids does not help those figures if I must add. Personally, I think that the government should address this issue the way China did; by placing a limit of the amount a single parent or family can have. Some say its morally wrong, but is it morally right to bring a child in the world against the 8 ball. You say pro life and I say pro choice for the sake of the child and society.
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      Nov 20 2012: Pro-choice for the sake of the one being killed? "We are killing you for your own good and for the good of all those who would have to compete with you for food, clothing, and shelter." I find that to be an absurd argument. Abortion is society's solution to the problem of too many births. What we need is a solution to the problem of too many conceptions.
      • Nov 20 2012: I can agree with that, but realistically people aren't that responsible. I wouldnt bring a child in the world if I couldn't provide for it. Like I said, if you think it's better for a child to live a painful slow death it's your choice. If I had to vote on the issue you know my stance, but please don't mistake this as my first choice. I said limit the amount of kids per family. It's all a moot point given the decline in birth rates and population growth in America.

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