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Is it time to reject the phrase, "Be fruitful and multiply"?

Early civilizations discovered that it was useful to have many children because they could work the fields and help adults in old age. Due to the high mortality rate it was necessary and desirable to have lots of children in case some died.

Only in the developed world has there been a need to be, "Fruitful and multiply" because there we see declining birth rates compared to the aged.

It was a travesty, in my opinion, for the Pope to congratulate African women who had 13 or more babies (This was several years ago). Should Catholics oppose the Pope when it comes to overpopulation?

In an overcrowded world we now see, the edict be fruitful and mulitply makes no sense at all.


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  • Nov 19 2012: How about, "Be fruity and don't copu-ply?"
    This earth had, has, enough resources to support life forms that still number around 8.7 million.
    We are going to experience the melting ice caps. We may experience a pole shift.
    Parts of the earth as we know it may become the bottom of lakes and oceans. Ocean bottoms may be exposed with a pole shift. Humans will survive these changes, but maybe not in large numbers.

    Greenland will be exposed. It is almost as big as the U.S. and Canada put together. That is huge and has tons of resources for supporting life. Antarctica has 200 mountain ranges, some higher than 16,000 feet, with tremendous amounts of resources in the land once the caps have significantly melted and continue to melt. The Russian Federation will be able to access the huge amount of resources they have been denied for decades because of year-round, almost, permanent freezing. If the caps are really going to melt, perhaps humans should begin tapping this fresh water for use.
    The problem isn't so much over-population as it is the management of resources and the absurd belief that some (a few) can own, control and mine the resources of the earth. The resources are there for all 8.7 million species, not for just one - humans and only a few of them. By the way, 8.7 is what is left of a number that was much higher. They are not gone because there wasn't enough to keep them alive. They were destroyed, wastefully, wantonly and without regard for life itself, really.

    It's the management. WE must destroy the idea of ownership and control and take them away from the few and economize our usage for everyone. We must face the false fear they use to keep us believing in them, because they need us, we don't need them. Everyone has a right to their fair share of the earths resources in order to live and live comfortably. We cannot have resource wars but we will if we continue the idea of ownership, money and profit.

    The U.S. will attack Denmark, fight over Antarctica too.

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