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Debate: Who's to blame for bullies?

Who's to blame for bullies? I think parents are responsible for thier children's actions. Communication or lack thereof is causing children to figure out who they are themselves, when it is the responsibility of the parents to help shape them to become a kind and compassionate individual.

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  • Nov 23 2012: I think parents should be blamed. Most bullies have a low self esteem. It's a parents responsibility to help their children develop a healthy self esteem. I have observed that children with a healthy self-esteem, rarely bully other kids.
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      Nov 25 2012: there are other people in the world that the child would be interacting with. parents aren't the only people who have influence on them. you're probably right, children with healthy self-esteem rarely bully other kids... but how can you simplify the situation to say the parents should absolutely 100% be blamed for a child's lack of self-esteem? i have horrible self-esteem and my parents are/were great to me. it's not always the parents' problem.

      also, sometimes that problem stems from something internal. something going on with themselves. we can't be quick to assume it has anything to do with anybody else, either. there are so many factors that will play into this. children vary individually on so many levels. it's unfair to give a blanket statement saying that in every case, the parents should be specifically blamed for this occurrence. this is not me saying that the parents are never responsible or are never going to be a largely contributing factor to why a child is a bully.

      again, what i said in my last comment: believe it or not, children are their own people too. not just a mirror image of their parents. no matter how hard you try to shape your child into a person with certain traits, they will still remain their own person in the end, which might not be anything like what you were aiming for.

      so, if a child has low self-esteem, have the parents failed at doing the job of parenting?

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