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Debate: Who's to blame for bullies?

Who's to blame for bullies? I think parents are responsible for thier children's actions. Communication or lack thereof is causing children to figure out who they are themselves, when it is the responsibility of the parents to help shape them to become a kind and compassionate individual.

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    Nov 20 2012: After reading the comments, I'll throw an additional card into the game...

    Maybe some people are just plain (Insert insulting term here)?
    Perhaps when someone acts in a certain way, its not actually everyone and everything else in the world thats at fault?

    Its only a suggestion ofcourse, but I do believe that personal accountability should be a much MUCH bigger factor than whats often presented in questions like this.
    We're not talking about infants who inadvertantly hit out due to no control of their limbs, we're talking about functioning humans with human-level skills who are in full awareness of their actions.

    I'm playing this card because as someone who's seen first hand how onlookers are willing to title a trouble maker / degenerate with some explain-away title and seeing how said children play on it and use it as an excuse to act out in a way they know is wrong, I can't help but think that we're too quick to say:

    'He can't read - Dyslexia'
    'He's not paying attention - ADD'
    'He's unhappy - Bi-Polar'
    'He's not talking - Autism'
    'He's a criminal - Its the parents fault'

    When maybe the child is just dim, unfocused, acts according to circumstance, poor social skills or just plainly a complete (insert insulting term here) and that maybe we're starting to form a society where we remove the negative consequences associated with being a problem, because we can just relabel the problem with an excuse.

    Thats my two cents, anyway..

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