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Debate: Who's to blame for bullies?

Who's to blame for bullies? I think parents are responsible for thier children's actions. Communication or lack thereof is causing children to figure out who they are themselves, when it is the responsibility of the parents to help shape them to become a kind and compassionate individual.

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  • Nov 19 2012: totally agree with Noah, a bully is a victim first, whether parents, siblings, relatives, peers, caregivers/teachers, the bully has been bullied.

    the thing about bullying I find interesting is all the discussion as if we can "talk" bullies out of bullying. they need a lot more help than can be provided in a school assembly.

    what's been on my mind lately regarding this is, how do we teach our children to be bullyproof? because ultimately that is the key to happiness and success. there will always be bullies, we will encounter many in our lifetime in some form or another, in long and short term situations. so to learn to cope, maintain ones self esteem, and protect oneself is an essential survival skill.

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