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What are the top 3 most meaningful and inspiring movies you have ever seen?

Tell us why you like your top 3 movies to inspire others to watch it as well.


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    Nov 19 2012: Gran Torino, The Shawshank Redemption, and Wall-E
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      Nov 21 2012: Thanks Kitty for sharing your top 3 inspiring movies. What is the exact appeal of each of your choice? By the way,I also like The Shawshank Redemption.
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        Nov 21 2012: I'm glad! I'ts probably my favorite movie with Morgan Freeman.

        Caution: here be Spoilers!
        Gran Torino: the quintessential "angry old white man" sees everything in his life slipping away (beloved wife dies, children become dis-attached, he falls ill, etc.), but gives his life protecting his new friend, all because he talked with him long enough to overcome his racism.

        Shawshank: a banker stuggles to survive in a maximum security prison, and is pushed to his physical and emotional limits. He makes every attempt to maintain his humanity by not provoking others, keeping his mind engaged, and helping his friends, but the system eventually takes its toll on him. Backed into a corner, he escapes the reach of the prison with his friend and simultaneously exposes its corruption.

        Wall-E: a service robot survives centuries of disasters because he alone has learned to be curious of the world, all the while doing what he can to make it better. Fate has it that he encounters a similarly curious probe and so they bond over their shared interest, even showing her music and dance. He sees her being taken into a spaceship when she completes her mission, and he rushes to save his friend from an unknown threat. After numerous setbacks, the two are able to work together to bring the first plant sprouted in 700 years to the last remaining humans, but at a great cost. He is seemingly beyond repair by the time they return to Earth, but a mock goodbye kiss unknowingly returns the (literal) spark of life to him. Neither of them is programmed to speak, so there was no dialogue between them in the movie.
        It ends with this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuR8uq9J7gw

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