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What are the top 3 most meaningful and inspiring movies you have ever seen?

Tell us why you like your top 3 movies to inspire others to watch it as well.


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    Nov 20 2012: 1) pianist
    2) wall-e (cartoon movie)
    3) the legends of the fall
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      Nov 21 2012: Thank you for sharing your top 3 movies on this TED conversation. I was wondering why you chose those 3. Can you give us all a brief analysis of why you chose the 1. Pianist 2. Wall-E and 3. The Legends of the Fall ?
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        Nov 21 2012: Pianist is the movie which I love very much, it showed me the history of world war and its destroying power against human being, not only against Jewish people. I think that it is the best movie about war and its reality.
        wall-e taught me that humans must take care of nature and do not pollute the environment. Also, it showed me the damaging side of technological improvements. People who are on the liner became fat because technological conditions make them to stay motionless.
        The legends of the fall is the movie which is just a beautiful story of one family with a problems inside. There is love and other passions which, I think, makes our lives beautiful and interesting

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