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What are the top 3 most meaningful and inspiring movies you have ever seen?

Tell us why you like your top 3 movies to inspire others to watch it as well.


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    Nov 21 2012: the matrix,part one. As a metaphour for reality,fate, self actualization,corperate vampirism,it spoke to me on so many levels,it is still my all time favourite. the next one is a french african film called "kiriko" its about a newborn child that saves a village by finding out why and what created his enemy,rather then vigelante style justice of the west. It is a cartoon for children and the child works hard for his village,has his birth in the film,loves his barebreasted mother without sexualizing her breasts and loves his elderly grandfather without downgrading old age to a joke. MY last favourite movie is also a cartoon series called "Black Panther" a fictional account of an African country who successfully resists european invasion. The female characters are fierce,the political perspective is about how people experience government. All these movies allowed me a millisecond of opportunity to see my life objectively, so now I try even harder to be a good person,when I realized there were better ways to think...even in movies or cartoons.
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      Nov 21 2012: Thank you Carolyn for your movie analysis. I also like the Matrix. I also agree that great movies provide a way to see life objectively from another's perspective.

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