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Using solar electricity more efficiently and effectively.

Living in Arizona, we have an abundent resource of sun. It shines down on us over 300 days a year, and for some reason companies still don't offer solar power at a price that is fair to their customers. I understand that solar panels are fairly expensive, but there has to be a way companies and the government could find the funds for sustainable electricity.

An idea that I have thought about is having apartments install solar panels on their property. Instead of having the electricity bill vary from month to month, the apartment complex will figure our the monthly price for each size of apartment (1 bed, 2 bed, etc.) and then just include that into their bill for their monthly rent (just like they do fro trash and sewer). I believe this is a great idea for complexes to take advantage of and could potentially provide a profit after a few years.

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    Nov 19 2012: Jacob,
    Check this out...


    SunCommon is working with power companies to install solar panels, reduce the cost of electricity, in many cases putting power back into the grid, and there is no up-front cost to the consumer. This is happening in Vermont...one of the LEAST sunny states!!!

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