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Can we ever have an unbiased classroom.

Is it possible for a classroom to not be culturally biased? We look at test questions and realize that what we consider knowledge is biased, even the word choice is biased. In different countries different things may be the norm, such as the way someones vocabulary is. But is it possible to have a culturally unbiased classroom?

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  • Nov 19 2012: Why do you use the word bias? Is all bias bad? I'm biased toward color, particularly blue.
    Why not look for a new word, idea or way of presenting what you have? Catch people off-guard?
    Bias, as I assume you are using it, is to me a negative in your mind.

    Bias might be differences and differences make the world exciting, mysterious, educational and alive. But...
    If you mean bias in the sense that there is non-acceptance of others, outright prejudice, hostility, dislike, hate,
    fear, loathing and/or unwillingness to recognize another who is different, then I would agree with its use.

    I do believe we can reach a place where virtually all bias is gone with real, truthful education, at-depth understanding and eliminating fear from our minds. In fact, I think that is what we humans are supposed to be doing, along with loving one another, instead of repeating thousands of years of history. There is too much invested in ideas like, "those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it." We have been repeating it because we remember it. One cannot repeat what one does not remember and remembering to be biased falls into that category.

    If we are not ready for this, then methinks what we really are is "not willing" yet. We humans have been ready for it ever since we first thought that a war could lead to peace.

    I believe it is incumbent upon people to truly ask and answer, to themselves, whether or not they really want that.
    We can only be ready now. We cannot do anything in the future. We only procrastinate doing it now and that seems to have been the case for a few 1,000 years.
    When it comes around and is ready to be done, it will be now again, as it is always now anyway. So it is now that one has to answer that question and it is now that one has to begin making that change in themselves only, and maybe that kind of courage will influence others to do the same.

    You can see it here in what people post. Do they hold on to old, dying ways and ideas of making things better?

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