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Can we ever have an unbiased classroom.

Is it possible for a classroom to not be culturally biased? We look at test questions and realize that what we consider knowledge is biased, even the word choice is biased. In different countries different things may be the norm, such as the way someones vocabulary is. But is it possible to have a culturally unbiased classroom?

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  • Nov 19 2012: There will always be some bias. The best we can do is to offer as many different sides to a story as possible. We owe it to our students to give them as many different perspectives as possible. Right now I do not believe that we even attempt to do that in the US. A majority of what I learned in high school had a pro-US and pro-government bias to it. When you have a government institution dictating the curriculum, this kind of thing happens. College is where I started to get a lot of different perspectives on a subject. It is also the responsibility of the student to seek out knowledge for themselves. I believe that any good teacher seeks to motivate the student to do this. They do not just give out information, they motivate someone to look things up for themselves and to come to their own conclusions. One of the things that helps this is offering several perspectives on a subject. When you get to see a subject from different perspectives, the subject becomes more interesting. It becomes a lot more complex which tends to peak a student's curiosity.

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