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Could the increase in wireless technology be the environmental and cellular toxicity factor for the prevalence of autism in modern nations?

The idea is not my own but hoping to promote awareness for further discussion and inquiry. The references below are easily searchable.

A scientific study published in the peer-reviewed Australasian Journal of Clinical Environmental Medicine (acnem.org) warns that radio waves from cell phones may be responsible for accelerating the rise in autism among the world's children.

Dr. George Louis Carlo, co-author of the study, developed a theory that low frequency cell phone signals are harmful to cell function causing the inability to move heavy metals and toxins outside cells.

Here is a collection of other evidence on such question http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/04/11/1082549/-Autism-Cell-Towers-Electromagnetic-Radiation-Connection-Possibility# It presents a government study of radio waves affecting the DNA and charts showing a correlation between the increase in autism and cell phone usage.

As you may know, the media personalities, Dr. Mercola and Dr. Oz have also warned us of the possible EMR effect on children's neurological development. Dr. Oz even suggested to keep cell phones away from younger children based on some studies he saw.

There are studies that point to the possibility that cell phone signals also affect the bees neurological system and navigation.


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  • Nov 19 2012: As Pat points out the "epidemic" of autism is largely a difference in diagnosis as psychiatrists are not exactly devoid of self interest. The more autism there is the more need for psychiatrists. If you have a sibling who is autistic, then you are more likely to be autistic, but the autism spectrum is so broad that is almost meaningless to categorize it.

    Still---it seems incredible that only 50 years ago only one child in 10,000 was the autistic progeny of a "refrigerator" mom. Now the diagnosis is 1:88 for American children with something like 1:54 for boys.

    Even thought the science isn't there, many parents swear that their children became autistic shortly after receiving multiple vaccinations. My prejudice absent any real hard science to rely on is that autism is a combination of genetic predisposition triggered by environmental factors (assuming the diagnosis is correct) such as lead, mercury, pesticides, air fresheners, food dyes, etc.

    Cell phones contribute a relatively small amount of EM radiation compared to all the natural and man-made sources i.e. the wiring in your home. Besides, autism is typically diagnosed around age 3, long before children tend to use cell phones.
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      Nov 19 2012: Children's neurological system is developing at younger age and thus more susceptible to environmental factors than ours. The cell phone radio waves are able now to cross through concrete and your skull. The issue wouldn't be children under 3 using cell phones but the parents that carry both babies and cell phone on most of the time.
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        Nov 20 2012: Microwaves can't penetrate concrete! Trust me I'm a physics teacher. In fact the single brick walls of my classroom block all cell phone reception, in spite of the fact that there are windows all down one wall. That's why shopping malls have transmitters inside them.
    • Nov 19 2012: Indeed, definitions have been changed and testing increased, this accounts for the fanning out of the spectrum, but as you also point out the number of undeniable, hardcore autism cases that doctors couldn't miss even 50 years ago, has risen as well, and this is indeed likely to be caused by chemicals in our environment and general pollution.

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