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Every dollar spent on policiatl campaign adds should be matched with a dollar spent to help a charity.

With the billions of dollars spent this last presidential campaign I thought what if all that money has gone directly to a cause or straight to reduce the national deficit. Every two years we are inundated with political ads. This is a great opportunity to really serve the nation and local communities. There should be a law stating that for every dollar spent in a campaign the match dollar must be contributed to a cause in the location of the candidate. (school, city, state, government etc.) I would future propose that half of that dollar would be for a cause directly helping children and youth. This would help these candidates really serve the people they are representing.


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  • Nov 18 2012: This is a great idea. It might also cut down the amount of political jabs we see at other candidates. We might see more truthful, honest, and better quality advertisements. This is a great cause and we should really see this form into a law.

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