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Every dollar spent on policiatl campaign adds should be matched with a dollar spent to help a charity.

With the billions of dollars spent this last presidential campaign I thought what if all that money has gone directly to a cause or straight to reduce the national deficit. Every two years we are inundated with political ads. This is a great opportunity to really serve the nation and local communities. There should be a law stating that for every dollar spent in a campaign the match dollar must be contributed to a cause in the location of the candidate. (school, city, state, government etc.) I would future propose that half of that dollar would be for a cause directly helping children and youth. This would help these candidates really serve the people they are representing.

  • Nov 18 2012: This is a great idea. It might also cut down the amount of political jabs we see at other candidates. We might see more truthful, honest, and better quality advertisements. This is a great cause and we should really see this form into a law.
  • Nov 18 2012: Good idea, but how do you mke these bad boys behave.
  • Nov 19 2012: Yeah I think this is a really great idea! It will keep the playing fields even because all parties will be losing out on 50% of their funds. It is a great way to raise money for charities, while decreasing the ridiculously large amount of money being wasted on campaign ads. As far as which charity gets the money, I believe that the donors should decide where they want it to go. When they make their donation, they should write down where they want the money to go.
  • Nov 19 2012: Deann,

    I truly think you have a great idea here. I was astounded when I heard how many billions of dollars was spent on this year's election and honestly it sickened me a little because just like you purpose, the money could have gone to such better places, or at least a portion of it. With the amount of money we spend on things like military technology you would think some of that could go to our schools or research for cancer or even like you mentioned helping children and the youth. I too think there should be some regulation or law requiring a certain percentage of the money spent on presidential elections to go to a good or just cause. The only snag I can think of is how do we decide who to give the money to? We could potentially vote on that before hand or even do it on the ballot itself. I can just see there being a huge debate on where the money should go and who would decide it as well. Great idea though and I hope more people read about it and comment on it, as it is something that we should all consider.


    Brandon Schwartz