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In the UK, online rants land some in jail

Great Britain prosecutes people who post obscene, offensive, or menacing messages on Facebook & Twitter

Should the US prosecute for obscene or menacing Facebook posts & tweets?

Is there to much anger & negativity.

Should online speech be protected.

Where should the line be drawn.


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    Nov 18 2012: Well, look at how the Democrats used romney being a confirmed? mormon a lot at the opening stages to your election process at the begining of the year, so , this setup the word mormon with his image and then it was hardly mentioned in the media outside the states as election day drew near, instead the image changed to corporate raider of jobs that your public are so desperately in need of and the presumption of him being out of touch with the American public who are in dire financial strife. his image of good hair good looks healthy skin and expensive suits don't fit with the average voter who sees O as greying from the stress of the job and average looking atire, clean but not looking over the top.

    No one i know ever mentioned this as a major factor that i know of.

    You Americans are subtle creatures of deceit when it comes to your elections but the Brits are in your face stark raving lunatics 80? to 60? million people on a couple of islands not much smaller than my country, it's only understandable that they are a little fed up with each other, i would be too especially when there is hardly any jobs, at the moment there is another immigration invasion of my country from the Poms but this time it's like they are running from something.
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      Nov 18 2012: Ken, Spot on. During the Nixon VS Kennedy election of 1960 Nixon went on the air without makeup and looked terriable. Kennedy understood the image factors that you are speaking of and ovecome the "being Catholic" issue that existed in the US at the time. If you look closely you can see the makeup lines on most politicians.

      Ken why are the Poms rushing to Austrilia? Why are the Brits called in the slang Poms?

      Your right the politicians in Britian are a pesky bunch.

      Thanks for the reply. Bob.
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        Nov 19 2012: It's an Aussie term but we took to using it as well, it goes back to when Aussie was a penal colony and the only people sent there were "Prisoners of her Majesty...something else" i can't fully remember, Cut it down and you have Pohms, it's an affectation since we are connected by the old ties and treaties and a fondness for them as most of us downunder have Pom ancestry somewhere in the bloodlines.

        I would say it's the 3rd great migration of Poms, the 2nd was just after ww2 and the 1st was during the colonial times. We're getting Pommed out as well as the "Southies" South Africans, or those that couldn't get into Australia. There is also a massive influx of Indian and Asian immigrants, The cultural milieu has spiked from just a couple of dominant cultures to suddenly 5 of them in the last 20 years.

        Changing Waters.

        One of our Parties want to give 16 year olds the Vote........Dosen't fly with me, No life experience no vote regardless of education or knowledge or philosophical education, Knowledge can be taught or accessed but experience is a factor that can't be downloaded and integrated, that takes visual,physical and emotional interaction, you can get two online but not all three.
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          Nov 19 2012: They lowered it to 16 in Argentina to gain more votes. Argentina is paradigm of what not to do.

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