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Are unions in the US still relevant?

Hostess is closing eliminating 18.500 jobs due, in part, to 5,000 bakery union members striking while the Teamsters had already accepted a deal. True, the company had been mismanaged but this appears to be an example of a union cutting off its nose despite its face. The US has some of the best worker-protection laws in the world. Is this an example of good union leadership or is it an example of unions acting as though it was still 1905? Are unions still relevant in the US today?


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    Nov 17 2012: The only unions I have a problem with are the public employee unions that area allowed to have collective bargaining.

    In the case of Hostess the only ones that will get hurt are the employees, that is fine by me if they want to do that to themselves.
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      Nov 20 2012: Public unions are definitely a common theme in this discussion!

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