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How do you simplify your life to lessen your carbon footprint on a daily basis?

Less stuff equals less concern which equals less stress.

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    Nov 18 2012: Hi Noel - Just sit still, don't think, (thinking takes consumes energy) - generally do as little as possible and we will all live in a much better world?

    Or perhaps ask why are we in this predicament when the human race unlocked the infinite (clean) power source of the atom over 60 years ago - and ask why we still don't have plenty of excess, clean energy for the whole world and why are we not surging ahead developing plentiful almost free energy for the next generations (thorium, geothermal, solar)...

    Perhaps, if you try the other end of the telescope and you may see the answers written clearly. With enough energy we can solve the co2 problem, but it has probably gone past the tipping point now anyway, sorry kids.

    rgds JP
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      Nov 19 2012: Just for the record:
      Nuclear Energy, what you probably meant by 'power source of the atom' isn't infinite and it isn't clean.

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