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How do you simplify your life to lessen your carbon footprint on a daily basis?

Less stuff equals less concern which equals less stress.

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    Nov 17 2012: I was looking at a magazine with a food chart. They rated about twenty foods for the carbon footprint they created in their production/distribution. Milk had the smallest carbon footprint. Based on my experience living in Southern California, I agree. Milk is the only food we produce here in abundance, about fifty miles east of Los Angeles there is a region with thousands and thousands of dairy cows where all our milk comes from. When the milk is produced locally, it doesn't have to travel as far, ergo less carbon footprint.

    For about five years, I've been living on milk. Every day I drink between one and two gallons of milk, and I don't eat or drink anything else. I love this diet, my weight stays down, and I find I feel better than I do on any other diet.

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