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Founder and President, Xy'Maya Nonprofit Org

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How do I get large scale exposure to gain awareness and increase donation support for my nonprofit mission outside of my own social circle?

I have a start up nonprofit org. I am donating my time, knowledge, love and energy into helping people achieve and maintain optimal health and keep families together through wellness. I need awareness and donation support to make this goal happen.


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    Nov 18 2012: Dee, I'm not clear on the goal of your org. You're helping people achieve and maintain optimal.........physical health? Mental health? Both? You want to keep families together through............physical wellness? Mental wellness? How is your org different from other orgs doing the same thing? It's hard to give suggestions when I'm not 100% clear on the goal of the org.

    I have frequently listened to a radio program that often has guests from nonprofits. It's on a radio station that normally has rock music, but once a week they have an hourlong program on public affairs. I believe people who want to be on the program as a guest apply to be on.

    When I go to community events, like my city has a big car show once a year, nonprofits often get to set up a table at the show.
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      Nov 18 2012: Thank you for asking Greg,
      This is a good question I will make a clearer emphasis on my mission statement at my website. I don't know if you visited my website or how much you read there. My focus is on Physical Health. My mother died of cancer having having been exposed to a toxic chemical. My aim is to help people detox and live a non toxic life to avoid this from happening. Prevent illness rather than treat it. When people face terminal illness their entire family is faced with becoming disjointed.

      So will I will be providing

      Coaching and education and supplies for detox
      Coaching and education on shopping for and preparing healthier meals
      Meal preparation classes
      Teaching non toxic, natural alternative products we use on our bodies and in our house
      I will provide holistic supplements and nutritional support.
      I will teach plants growing wild for detox and nutrition, equal or better than store bought items for same purpose.

      I will be seeking and accepting...

      Holistic nutritional products
      Holistic supplements
      Detox herbs
      Detox equipment
      Any goods related to wellness; Kitchen tools such as juicers, blenders, food processors, dehydrators,

      These items are to be provided to both individuals and groups,

      I would conduct group talks educating people to understand the importance of detox and healthier living so that they can live a joyful live in vibrant health and maintain their family unit through health rather than becoming disjointed through Disease.

      Also I have created some healthy snack items that I would like to begin to manufacture to make available to schools, camps, orphanages, etc.. I would like to get my healthy creamy whipped fluffy chocolate mousse into school lunches.

      If feel if my mom had access to these things she could have beat her cancer and enjoyed her life and family. I would like to help others so they do not have to face these types of tragedies when they can be avoided.

      Thank you for the great leads! I will try them.
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        Nov 19 2012: no, I'm sorry, Dee, i googled you on crowdfunding, but didn't think to straight-up look for your website.

        well, it's an interesting idea. What is your knowledge of herbs, have you studied them formally? I know my local Whole Foods supermarket has cooking classes where different outside teachers come in and present different ideas to people. Also, my local public library has speakers come in and present lectures, although in order to speak there you have to have written at least one book. Have you written a book?

        Speaking for myself, I'm probably not terribly interested in herbs for nutrition. But I'm kind of different, I follow a really unusual diet, which is I live on milk. Every day I drink between one and two gallons of milk, and I don't eat or drink anything else. I've been doing this for about five years. I find I feel better on this diet than any other diet.
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          Nov 19 2012: I'm self educated Greg. My mother was an herbalist. I took an interest in herbs at an early age and she started teaching me. I have studies wellness on my own over 22 years. I have taken many courses a long the way and studied under the biggest names in the holistic industry.

          When I was little if I got sick I would not get nightquil, I would get a strong shot of Valerian tea, we ate bee pollen to boost immune. During my high school years I lived in a cabin in the mountains and learned about edible plants, wild edible flowers, wild garlic, onions, potatoes and fungus's that grow just about everywhere we are and ate them plentifully.

          There is a good focus on herbs although mostly for detox purposes. My main focus is achieving and maintaining optimal health through detox, eating a balanced diet high in nutrition, eating healthy snacks, juicing for health, staying hydrated with the right fluids, getting good supplements, getting proper rest, getting adequate exercise at the level of each individuals ability, and cleansing their hearts and thoughts to find peace within and well being. I feel being well is fully encompassed and all areas need to be lovingly cleansed and reconditioned... body-mind-spirit. I can only help those who are open and willing to help themselves.

          Feel free to contact me if your body ever takes a change with your current diet. Thank you for all the great tips!! Wishing you well
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      Nov 18 2012: Greg,
      May I have more info on the radio program? I will look into local events I to attend and gain awareness thank you for the resources and tips.
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        Nov 19 2012: the radio program is called "OpenLine." It airs on KROQ 106.7FM here in Southern California from 6AM to 7AM Sunday mornings. I presume they're still airing it, I haven't listened for a couple of months. You can listen to it on the web. I don't know if you could be on this particular program, Dee. They emphasize local orgs, and their guests are always in-studio, in other words if you were accepted to be on, you'd have to travel to Southern California. But you can always apply, maybe you have some other reason to be down here and they could schedule you to be on the program while you're here. Or maybe you want to visit Los Angeles anyway and they could schedule you to be on the program.

        When I mentioned the program I was thinking there might be similar programs up where you are. Also, some programs will allow their guests to phone in, they don't have to actually travel to the studio, so you might be able to find a program at a distance where you could phone in. Like, who knows, maybe there's a program in, just as an example, Ohio, where you might work as a guest, and you could phone in and talk. You'd just have to research.
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          Nov 19 2012: Thank you Greg, I will look into this and other radio stations in my area. Appreciate the great tips!!

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