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Founder and President, Xy'Maya Nonprofit Org

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How do I get large scale exposure to gain awareness and increase donation support for my nonprofit mission outside of my own social circle?

I have a start up nonprofit org. I am donating my time, knowledge, love and energy into helping people achieve and maintain optimal health and keep families together through wellness. I need awareness and donation support to make this goal happen.


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    Nov 19 2012: Hello Dee,
    I wanna congratulate you for the effort u showing in order to maintain Healthy families within the society.All i feel is the best approach to widespread your program is marketing.
    In current aspect,the best tool for marketing is social media.Its the only platform where you can get in touch with loads of people.
    Facebook is one you can create a group add people in it or post a status about your program in a group where they are n number of people.you can tag your friends on a pic stating about your program which there by will help others to know about it and many more ways.
    Twitter too is an important media for marketing.Follow a person with large no of followers and re-tweet.
    Linked-in is one more too where you can get in contact with professional network which in turn will also add a value to your program.
    These will not cost you much except time.
    Apart from social media,i think it would be good if you get in contact with well settled non-profit organisations.this will help you to find out different ways to reach out in a wider environment.
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      Nov 19 2012: Chetan,
      Thank you so much. I appreciate your insight and this info. The re-tweet with the right people is a big one I hadn't even considered because I do not know much about Twitter but I am going to sign up today and start re-tweeting. I am taking notes and creating a list of things to do to create more public awareness and bring in my donations for my org.
      Thank you very much for reaching out from across the world. I love how the internet brings people together from all over.

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