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Founder and President, Xy'Maya Nonprofit Org

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How do I get large scale exposure to gain awareness and increase donation support for my nonprofit mission outside of my own social circle?

I have a start up nonprofit org. I am donating my time, knowledge, love and energy into helping people achieve and maintain optimal health and keep families together through wellness. I need awareness and donation support to make this goal happen.


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    Nov 17 2012: Thank you for the resource David! I will look into this. I do have a profile on crowd funding but again it relies on utilizing your own social circle. Mine is very small and I don't wish to burden my loved ones with pressure to spread the word for me much more than I already have. I need larger exposure. I appreciate your thought and input.
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      Nov 17 2012: One Final Link


      No relation to Canadian Bacon. Just ask you circles if they know anyone who knows anyone, they do not have to directly know anyone.
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        Nov 17 2012: : ) send as many links as you like and thank you! You've got me thinking about who I know who knows people who can help. I will put the word out. I'm willing to turn over every stone.
        Thanks again David.
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          Nov 17 2012: If you need any help feel free to ask. I am in the same boat in a way. Hurricane Sandy left me without power and is leading me down a path I am going to need help with. I am an engineer and a builder of things not a business person.

          Dee you have a good night. David

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