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Founder and President, Xy'Maya Nonprofit Org

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How do I get large scale exposure to gain awareness and increase donation support for my nonprofit mission outside of my own social circle?

I have a start up nonprofit org. I am donating my time, knowledge, love and energy into helping people achieve and maintain optimal health and keep families together through wellness. I need awareness and donation support to make this goal happen.


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    Nov 17 2012: Hello Dee,

    the term 'crowd-sourced capital' may be of interest for your charitable concept.

    When I read your question I was thinking, if there was a fund rising platform like 'kickstarter' (http://www.kickstarter.com/) for non-profit ideas and so I typed 'kickstarter for non profit' in a search engine and got some results already:


    This article may also be interesting, as it covers the topic:


    If you refine the search query on this topic you may find other and/or even better alternatives as well.

    In any case, good luck to you and your project!
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      Nov 17 2012: Hi Lejan,
      These are great leads I will look into them! Thank you so much for your insight and input.
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        Nov 17 2012: My pleasure!

        If this is going to save your close circle of friends and loved ones, this little effort was worth it ... :o)
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          Nov 17 2012: It's truly amazing to see how many people are willing to help one another in the world when we can reach out and be heard.
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        Nov 17 2012: Don't forget, that YOU set out to help others in the first place! So it is just a tiny bit of support of those YOU reached and managed to inspire! That's why I truly hope you will get the funding you need to get started.
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          Nov 17 2012: You are a dear one... Thank you Lejan. I will remember that as I continue to march forward and persevere until I reach my goals.

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