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Where the effects of decolonisation negative on Africa? In terms of the way European countries left the nations.

I want to find out what the effects of decolonisation were in different African nations; so what happened in society; in the economy; in politics etc.

  • Nov 17 2012: Lejan, that was what I was trying to convey in my question! I want to look at how colonisation affected nations after the European countries had left.
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    Nov 17 2012: The way your question is phrased implies, that colonisation itself has positive aspects to it.

    There aren't any, so whatever happens after decolonisation is cause by colonisation in the first place.
  • Nov 17 2012: Having control of one's one life has its own rewards.
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    Nov 16 2012: What have you learned so far through your independent research into the question?