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If you tell a lie and it becomes the truth, does it matter that you once lied?

In the way that some people questions whether or not the ends justify the means, I'm wondering if you tell a lie and it becomes the truth, does it matter that you once lied?


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  • Nov 19 2012: At the time of the lie, it is a lie.
    If it is to be proven many years later, that isn't known and usually cannot be known.
    It then is no different than the wishful thinking of those who so badly want their "personal experience" to be proof of God!

    I can understand their desire for that, but they cannot prove it, so it isn't.
    Therefore, a lie is a lie. Twisting to somehow verify some part of it that will lead another to believe it more readily as a truth, is still deceiving, misleading and lying. I don't get it. It seems that most must lie to themselves about this idea in order to believe a lie can become a truth. It can't. It's first moment is as a lie. That is its essence. That is what it was conceived for. To say it was for a future identity is a lie, or the same wishful thinking that the mentally ill, religious practice.

    Trust doesn't make a lie a truth. That isn't a criteria. That is practicing deception, or for lack of a better word, lying.
    One is lying to gain trust from another for something else that is withheld by, for lack of a better word, lying.

    Tabor, you never said that you answered when asked if you are proficient at 'sucky' Microsoft Word.
    So you didn't lie. If you said you were, you lied using your analogy.
    You go home and learn it, now you know it should you be asked that question again.
    But, you lied and it hasn't become a truth. The truth and the lie are not the same. If you think they are, then I think you are seriously mentally ill.
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      Nov 19 2012: I never said that I think truth and lies are the same thing, so no need to call me 'seriously mental ill'. That's a very offensive thing to say.
      • Nov 22 2012: Tabor,
        I am sorry.
        I really meant a more collective 'you' rather than you personally.
        But, I sure said it that way.
        I do believe there is a tremendous amount of mental illness present in society and with the Comorbidity Replication Survey indicating that it is now beginning at age eleven in the States, it validates its existence.
        Also, most who become ill by eleven, on average, do not find or get care, diagnosis or treatment for 20 years. This means it has become, or does become "normal" to most, thus, most don't or can't recognize it.

        Again, I apologize for my direct and hurtful comment.
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          Nov 22 2012: It's all good, thanks for engaging in the conversation!

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