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Should the federal government take over elections.

In view of the problems reported (both true and false) long lines, voting after polls are closed, machine malfunctions, etc .... would it be better if the feds took care of this issue.

Flordia and even my own Arizona had problems this year. It seems that every year there are mail in votes and others that never seem to make it and there is always a article bemoaning the system.

Would it be better to have the feds run the presidential election?


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    Nov 16 2012: Personally, I like the way the system works at this time, because in most states, the secretary of state is responsible for the election process, and I believe the process is better governed locally...UNLESS, of course, you have a secretary of state who IS NOT doing his/her job appropriately.


    In places like Florida, for example, where there seems to be continual challenges with the voting process, if I was a resident there, I would seriously investigate the secretary of state and whether or not s/he is doing his/her job. Same for Arizona Robert, if you think/feel there were problems in your state, do something about it! If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem. Is your sec. of state appointed? If so...appointed by whom? Elected? Get the details, and follow through with appropriate action in YOUR state to contribute to a better process:>)

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