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Should the federal government take over elections.

In view of the problems reported (both true and false) long lines, voting after polls are closed, machine malfunctions, etc .... would it be better if the feds took care of this issue.

Flordia and even my own Arizona had problems this year. It seems that every year there are mail in votes and others that never seem to make it and there is always a article bemoaning the system.

Would it be better to have the feds run the presidential election?


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    Nov 16 2012: I would like the FED to regulate FEDERAL elections (president & constitutional amendments - even though constitutional amendments are really state issues). Things to include would be hours of operation, require equality in number of people at polling stations, early voting hours legislation, and whatever rules it feels necessary in FEDERAL elections. Then, because the choices for president are so few, paper ballots can be used and they are less prone to corruption. Let the states maintain control over their own elections. To place state elections in the hands of the feds is to threaten your own voice. Too much corruption lives in Washington.

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