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Is a vampire or other paranormal creature a new model of ideal man?

I am about to start my PhD thesis on a new model of ideal man in the American society. Since I am from Poland and I have never been to the USA my work has been only theoretical so far. have been researching the topic for some time, and I have come to the conclusion that modern American society is fascinated with vampires who are no longer creatures to be afraid of but they have become perfect matches. It is enough to look at the Twilight Saga series or True Blood. As I have mentioned I live in Poland and I observe the USA only via media and the above is just my impression. My question is simply about your observations and remarks about the phenomenon. Do you agree with the statement that a vampire has become an ideal man for American women? I am also curious about one more thing, namely why so many middle-aged women are such huge fans of the Twilight Saga whose target audience was teenage girls, I suppose. I will be very grateful for all the comments.

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    Nov 22 2012: Thank you all for your comments; they are really of a great value to me and my research. I am still looking forward to more but today I would like to turn your attention to one more thing, namely: we have all concentrated on vampire's appearacnce and his physicalilty, and what if we treat a vampire as a personification of values women seek in men:
    - immortality - they cannot die easily = they cannot abandon their women
    - experience, not only in the terms of life experience, but also sexual
    - they never get tired or ill = they do not complain
    - they are dangerous, which as you have already noticed, can be appealing
    Do the above features make a vampire an ideal man? Again, I will be very grateful for your comments.
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    Nov 19 2012: would a great white shark be desirable if it was watered down to be completely non-threatening, moisturised and pouty?

    probably, if there was enough promotion and advertising behind it..
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    Nov 17 2012: The fact, that Christopher Lee did not have the same impact on woman as 'Twilight' and 'True Blood' may question the 'vampire ideal' in general.

    If you take a closer look at the cast of both current series, you will find good looking actors, man and woman, which represent a modern trend of 'look' and 'style' in our given time.

    Compared to 'Dracula' movies from the past, those modern series place typical 'teenage' issues into a 'mysterious' and slightly 'darkish' and 'forbidden' stage set and mix it with a lot of 'sex appeal' to serve the need for fantasized and sexual desires.

    Movies like 'Blade' and 'Underworld' probably sparked the vampire theme anew in a more modern and action based fashion, so that surfing this wave also in 'chick flick' syle became just a matter of time ... ;o)

    Many woman, regardless their age, feel attracted to 'mysterious' men which may also be slightly on 'the dark side'. So those series may be successfull because they 'deliver' those fantasies.

    You can find this sort of somewhat 'forbidden' or 'darkish' side of sex appeal on every average Halloween party, where you can find hundrets of 'sexy witches' costumes and alike all over the place.

    If a vampire is the next role model for an 'ideal man', I have my doubts. And if you ever tried to eat a bowl of soup with fang's in your mouth, you may know what I am talking about. At least at this point any 'mysterie' turns into plain 'mess' ...

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      Nov 17 2012: I must say that I agree with much of that, especially on how eating Count Chocula with fangs just makes a mess, though I have not done enough research to comment on the "sexy witches" phenomenon. It has never been uncommon for the entertainment industries to recycle ideas, and as the [ paranormal creature + sex appeal = money ] formula enjoyed recent success, it is not surprising to see an inundation of it. I would venture that the interest of the middle-aged female demographic in Twilight is an extension of their interest in the romance novel genre, which would reinforce your idea that they are attracted to fantasies involving mysterious men.
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    Nov 16 2012: Vampires are known to be to be creations of fiction, and vampire movies are just a part of the horror/fantasy/mystery genre; and there ar several other fictional characters in these genres.
    They are not ideal men for American women, even though they have their appeal.
    There is a huge difference between what the media presents and the real state of things, because films and TV projects are concerned with audience ratings and box office. So there is the pressure to create a visually appealing world.
  • Nov 16 2012: "Do you agree with the statement that a vampire has become an ideal man for American women?"
    No. I'm not in the US either, but in all my interactions and reading online, I get the impression that only stupid American (or wherever) women are enamored by the men of Twilight. I believe it is wrong to judge ALL American women by that standard.
  • Nov 16 2012: No, I do not agree.

    I think there might be an attraction to dashing, well dressed, mysterious men with superhuman strength and driven by passion and desiring females. If you crossed out 'blood seeking' and put in 'passion seeking' he might be the perfect guy. So, since most believe vampires do not exist, it is an easy flaw to over-look and the focus is instead on all the attractive qualities.

    There is also some sort of unexplainable phenomena associate with attractive women being drawn to "bad boys". Perhaps at the root of it is a desire to be naughty and the belief it is somehow more acceptable to be naughty with a 'bad boy' than a conservative 'good boy'. If they only knew...but,maybe they do?

    I am thinking this sort of infatuation is more teen and 20's than middle aged, but if the data tells otherwise, perhaps I am off base. I think middle aged and older women are more attracted by reliability, security, wealth, intelligence, character and honesty. Others, looking to start a family probably have a similar list of desirable features for a good father figure.

    Not sure how it is in your part of the world, but I think guys here are motivated primarily by sexual desire and attractiveness and way down on the other end of the list, personality, intelligence, and character. I think the gap in the list gets smaller as guys get older, once past the age of about 30.

    This whole discussion generalizes things way too much. There is no one ideal man. I think the attractiveness of vampires is really just an attraction to certain characteristics these characters possess that women find attractive in all men. Oh yea, one more thing. Generally the actors selected to play these roles are not unattractive.
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    Nov 16 2012: Hey, you are on to something! As your countryman, I cannot contribute to the field research, but from the point of view of the theory, you could extend the area of your research over the whole west I think, and ask some more general questions. Why should the USA be unique in this matter? Twilight and the recent craze about Zombies in the popular culture concern the whole west (although they derive from the States). The exploration of the symbolic meaning of this (and why this) is vital, I think.
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    Nov 16 2012: The most coherent point I've read on the subject... is from Cracked:

    I honestly cannot think of anything that is "ideal" about the subject...