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Is a vampire or other paranormal creature a new model of ideal man?

I am about to start my PhD thesis on a new model of ideal man in the American society. Since I am from Poland and I have never been to the USA my work has been only theoretical so far. have been researching the topic for some time, and I have come to the conclusion that modern American society is fascinated with vampires who are no longer creatures to be afraid of but they have become perfect matches. It is enough to look at the Twilight Saga series or True Blood. As I have mentioned I live in Poland and I observe the USA only via media and the above is just my impression. My question is simply about your observations and remarks about the phenomenon. Do you agree with the statement that a vampire has become an ideal man for American women? I am also curious about one more thing, namely why so many middle-aged women are such huge fans of the Twilight Saga whose target audience was teenage girls, I suppose. I will be very grateful for all the comments.


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  • Nov 22 2012: Thank you all for your comments; they are really of a great value to me and my research. I am still looking forward to more but today I would like to turn your attention to one more thing, namely: we have all concentrated on vampire's appearacnce and his physicalilty, and what if we treat a vampire as a personification of values women seek in men:
    - immortality - they cannot die easily = they cannot abandon their women
    - experience, not only in the terms of life experience, but also sexual
    - they never get tired or ill = they do not complain
    - they are dangerous, which as you have already noticed, can be appealing
    Do the above features make a vampire an ideal man? Again, I will be very grateful for your comments.

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