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If you could advocate for ONE cause only, what would it be? Why?

Recently, I watched Faith Jegede's talk titled "What I've learned from my autistic brothers". The talk got me thinking -- Most of us have a cause we believe in, and these causes are usually diverse from increasing fashion consciousnes to saving the animals or reducing stigma of people with mental health issues.

I'm interested to know about the cause you believe in and the one you would advocate for. I'm interested in why this particular cause is important to you, and why the world needs to know about it.


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    Nov 19 2012: interesting conversation, anne. I still wonder if respect is the basis. For example, I read that one of the reasons Germans did the Holocaust is because they wanted the wealth the Jewish people had, the possessions and money. I'm thinking the germans respected the jews (even though they said they didn't), they just looked for an excuse to take the Jews' stuff.

    If someone appears to be disrespecting you, they may be looking for an excuse to take your stuff.

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