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If you could advocate for ONE cause only, what would it be? Why?

Recently, I watched Faith Jegede's talk titled "What I've learned from my autistic brothers". The talk got me thinking -- Most of us have a cause we believe in, and these causes are usually diverse from increasing fashion consciousnes to saving the animals or reducing stigma of people with mental health issues.

I'm interested to know about the cause you believe in and the one you would advocate for. I'm interested in why this particular cause is important to you, and why the world needs to know about it.


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  • Nov 15 2012: Freedom
    The one thing humans have been fighting for since the beginning.
    The one endangered species that is fast disappearing.
    The one thing all people have been given by birth, by the act of birth.
    The one thing that virtually all leaders everywhere want to destroy or take away.
    That should tell you something about how important it is.

    It is more important than just about anything else.
    It was a concept that drove others to risk everything in their attempts to try and reach the promised land that the world knew for the first time as America.
    America is now almost gone. The land remains. The liberties don't.
    The space is there, but the movement is restricted, followed, tracked, surveilled, noted and filmed.
    The toys are too but they are merely machines to spy with.
    The polarization is still there, just not North and South.
    It is Fascism or Freedom fighters.
    It is business as usual and most vaguely agree with this because it is a sound byte, etched and cemented into the public's psyche.
    Only it is prison business as usual.

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