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Is possible replace solar light (UV) by a artificial source?

As you know, solar UV light is a natural bleach for cloths, bleaching effect depends on day conditions but even rainy sun´s UV rays are always present.
So in order to replace sun with an artificial source I wonder if some one can help me on develop this artifical source for bleaching cloths.


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    Nov 15 2012: What about chemical methods?

    And please, don't tinker with our sun, we need her... ;o)
    • Nov 15 2012: by now we are trying with light, I mean UV rays, do you know how?
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        Nov 15 2012: Well, it depends on the UV intensity you need for your purpose. Regular fluorescent bulbs emitt UV light within certain bands. Also 'black lights', Ultraviolet LEDs or Ultraviolet lasers could be used.

        Those light sources are all available today and to find what you need you may look into UV testing equipment, which is used to evaluate the UV stability of different materials:


        Your above mentioned questions on: power = ? / wavelenght = ? / other = ?
        depends on the UV stability of the material you work on, which includes its specific weakness at certain frequency-bands. Power may also be exchangeable by exposure time, what you have to figure out yourself what works best on your samples.

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