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If there was such thing as an immortality pill, and you had access to it, would you take it?

If not, why not?
If so, why?
Do you think it would be ethical?
any other thoughts...


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  • Nov 15 2012: I would take it. Since it is an IMMORTALITY pill, all my body parts will function perfectly through out my life...i.e indefinitely. I will be able to see how our coming generations will handle the already polluted and devastated environment. Would like to see the new alternative source of energy they use for fossil fuel. I will see whether there is really a thing called DOOM's DAY. Would love to travel to a new galaxy since i have infinite time. And probably will find new life forms. Would live till time exists, and if BIG RIP theory is true... I will be able to witness it :).

    Ethically, its not correct because if everyone takes that pill, then even atomic bomb will not be able to kill and there will be only people people all around eating each other. Which is not so good.

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