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If there was such thing as an immortality pill, and you had access to it, would you take it?

If not, why not?
If so, why?
Do you think it would be ethical?
any other thoughts...

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    Nov 15 2012: No, If i had access to a immortality pill I would not take it.
    I wouldent take it because I want to live my life with the time I am given and live accordingly to the time restrains. Also, I woulden't like to see what by body would like like at 160 years old.
    Although, you may be able to live forever I don't think the pill could stop your body from aging and really what is the point of living forever if you will spend most of your time crippled with age and unable to move for the rest of your time on earth?
  • Nov 15 2012: I don't know about ethical, but I think the more interesting question is could you live with this and would you be able to live through all the events.

    Think about it, if you have like a 1 in 2 million chance of being struck by lighting, the chances of you being hit by lighting over a lets say billion year lifespan would increase exponentially. In fact your chances of being struck by mortal accident or natural disaster would also increase exponentially. So yes a pill could potentially make your body live longer but statistically that just means an increasing likelyhood of violent as opposed to natural death.

    I think there is no way to immortality, you could perhaps merely extend your lifetime but sooner or later something, somewhere would get you. Everything in existence will one day be destroyed and re-assembled. If you want proof think of our planet's fate, its not gonna last forever. In a couple of billion years latest the sun will explode and destroy the earth and if not even the sun or the earth will last forever, no pill made by man can make you life forever. If nature doesn't take care of it, the universe will.
  • Nov 15 2012: I would take it. Since it is an IMMORTALITY pill, all my body parts will function perfectly through out my life...i.e indefinitely. I will be able to see how our coming generations will handle the already polluted and devastated environment. Would like to see the new alternative source of energy they use for fossil fuel. I will see whether there is really a thing called DOOM's DAY. Would love to travel to a new galaxy since i have infinite time. And probably will find new life forms. Would live till time exists, and if BIG RIP theory is true... I will be able to witness it :).

    Ethically, its not correct because if everyone takes that pill, then even atomic bomb will not be able to kill and there will be only people people all around eating each other. Which is not so good.
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    Nov 15 2012: Yes, but only if I can choose to die whenever I wan't to, that this pill was available to anyone, that we have save genetical engineering to compensate for natural evolutionary changes and when we have a working and global population control in place. Under those conditions I would consider it to be ethical. Then I would do it, because I think, that our personal development, which takes time, does not have enough time to unfold. Because as 'better' we get, as less time is actually left to enjoy and to use it.
  • Nov 15 2012: Yes but then I would think of several Twilight Zone episodes. now I am uncertain. This summer I congratulated a fairly old lady on she and her husband's age,but since he had recently had a stroke She was not sure great age was a good thing. Let.'s make more rules on this immortality thing.
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    Nov 15 2012: Nope, because given enough time there is a certainty that I'd fall into a black hole. That'd kinda suck (terrible pun, right?)
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      Nov 15 2012: Maybe a black hole is quite a nice place to be in? So if nobody falls into one, we'll never know... :o)
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        Nov 15 2012: I think I would prefer a star: nice, warm, and comfy. Plus there's a chance to escape when it goes supernova!
  • Nov 15 2012: The "Pill" is named

    "I AM" ....ethics be damned
  • Nov 15 2012: Yes.
    I think I would want to pick the age I get to take it.
    I think it would be interesting, although it would be tough to lose the ones you love.
    Yes, if i am immortal, my humanly needs would be optional, like eating.
    ethical? I had access to a pill and chose to take it. That seems ethical.

    Are there more? does everyone get one?

    Would make wars obsolete!
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      Nov 15 2012: 'Would make wars obsolete!'

      Yes, but also adds a different notion on 'life imprisonment' ... ;o)