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What is the primary role of the museum in the modern world?

Museums have many roles, responsibilities and functions, some of which arose with the origin of western museums hundreds of years ago, others very new. This is a major debate in the field of Museum Studies as well as other associated fields. Some historical roles have included the museum as a place for academic research, as an educational institution, or both. Most museums continue to perform in this role. More recently the museum has been championed as a place of social interaction, a center for social justice and even a space for experimentation, invention and innovation where visitors can learn how to get involved. What do you think the museum does?


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    Nov 21 2012: i totally agree with you museums have significant roles of our lives...however effectivity of cultural activities has been changing day by day with technologic development... most of the people are visiting museums to take photographs and to share via facebook or twitter...people see art objects as a beatiful scenes from there. Shortly they don't think deeply on the art objects therefore museums should interact with people and teach the rules of art

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