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Is the United States ripe for a new populist awakening?

The Tea Party, The Coffee Party, Occupy Wall Street: Our united states is evidencing (presently amorphous) populist convulsions--a seeming awakening of the people to the need to reclaim the reigns of democratic power. What might a mature populist awakening look like?


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    Nov 16 2012: We usually make the mistake of seeing freedom as a destination, instead of seeing it as a present continous process.
    Even if all the grand ideas of the populist movements are realised, there should always be the awareness of the possibility of decline, and a fight (not as in violence) to prevent such.
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      Nov 16 2012: Very astute observation! This is why I interpret the ideal realization of American freedom in this populist vision as "perpetual activation." But so as not to give the impression that this needs always be an effort and strain, the best way to view it is as Community Life. If we live as active and healthy participants in community (community properly adjusted to our democratic systems of empowerment), we will remain perpetually activated toward our ultimate well being.

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